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Director of Product Development and R&D for the Womens Health Product

Why is R&D Important

R&D is where everything starts. Where the ideas are formed. The products we develop have an impact on everyone’s lives.

Senior VP of Operations for Diagnostics// happens in diagnostic Operations?We get to see the whole product come together. This is a place where every single day you can make a difference.

Corporate Facilities Manager//’s the most important part of your job?My team members are the most important part of the job—we have an opportunity everyday to do our best in order to support the company and support the efforts to build solutions for improving people’s health.

Principal Mechanical Engineer//’s your impact?The people and energy here is very high. There’s excitement. New projects and flexibility. The instrumentation developed here diagnoses infectious diseases and directly affects customers every day.

VP Engineering Breast Imaging Products//’s the best part of your role?The passion from the group of people I’m working with, solving problems together—as we expand our product portfolio, we’re saving patient lives.

Customer supervisor//’s a typical day for customer support?Placing product orders, assisting field reps—we’re able to facilitate getting the product to a customer so they can turn it around to diagnostics and intervention as fast as we can get it to them.