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401(k) Plan

  • Hologic is committed to helping employees save for retirement. You can contribute up to 80 percent of your compensation on a pre-tax basis to the Plan. You may choose to contribute on a pre-tax basis to the traditional Plan, on a post-tax basis to the Roth 401(k) Plan or a combination of both. Hologic will match 100 percent of the first three percent and 50 percent of the next two percent of compensation that you contribute. You are immediately 100 percent vested in your own contributions, as well as in any of the company’s matching contributions and earnings on those contributions.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

  • Our Employee Stock Purchase Plan provides the opportunity for you to purchase shares of Hologic stock at a discounted price. You may contribute up to 10 percent of your base salary to purchase Hologic stock at a 15 percent discount. You may purchase up to 500 shares during each offering period.