ImageChecker CAD

As a pioneer that delivered the industry's most widely used CAD solutions, we are confident that we have the right CAD solution for your practice. The majority of radiologists in the U.S. use CAD to review mammography studies in order to identify suspicious lesions and help reduce false negatives.

ImageChecker CAD for Digital Mammography

ImageChecker CAD can process images from most direct capture full-field digital mammography (FFDM) detectors and displays them on a range of workstation environments. The display of digital CAD marks depends upon the viewing solution chosen. Whichever display you choose, basic RightOn CAD marks will appear on all displays. However, the SecurView DX workstation is the only softcopy diagnostic workstation that can display the most advanced CAD capabilities.

ImageChecker CAD for Screen-Film Mammography

ImageChecker CAD software can be applied to analog mammograms, providing radiologists the benefits of CAD review in a screen-film environment. Our solutions provide the capability to scan films for soft-copy review and comparison, and to archive images for future use..