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Eviva breast biopsy system brochure

The Eviva breast biopsy system was designed with the flagship technology of the ATEC breast biopsy device, as well as these additional features for optimal use during stereotactic or tomosynthesis biopsy procedures.

Eviva White Paper: An Evaluation of the Eviva Biopsy Device on the Speed and Efficiency of Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Procedures

This paper is an evaluation of the Eviva biopsy device on the speed and efficiency of stereotactic breast biopsy procedures.

Eviva White Paper: The Benefits of the Eviva Vacuum-Assisted Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Device

This paper discusses the Benefits of the Eviva vacuum-assisted stereotactic breast biopsy device.

Bibliography - Celero, ATEC, Eviva breast biopsy devices

Selected scientific publications on breast biopsy.