SecurMark for Celero and SecurMark Ultrasound

The SecurMark family of biopsy site markers, available in five distinct shapes, provides exceptional site marking solutions. SecurMark is comprised of two components: the permanent marker is made of bio-compatible titanium or stainless steel, while the outer material consists of bio-absorbable suture-like netting that is designed to minimize movement within the biopsy cavity and enhanced ultrasound visualization.


The CeleroMark is designed for use with the Celero or any biopsy device used under ultrasound-guidance and is easily visualized under any imaging modality. CeleroMark's end-deploy method and beveled tip provide for smooth marker deployment. The CeleroMark consists of bio-compatible titanium and is available in two shapes.

SecurMark Family of Biopsy Site Markers

CeleroMark Biopsy Site Markers