Breast tomosynthesis is a new x-ray imaging technology that acquires 3D images of a stationary compressed breast.
The award winning Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D + beast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) system is the first practical tool to deliver on the extraordinary promise of breast tomosynthesis. Hologic clinical trials found that radiologists reading Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D + breast tomosynthesis cases compared to 2D mammography alone demonstrated superior clinical performance in specificity (the confidence to rule out breast cancer without recalling the patient for further study) and improved sensitivity (the proportion of mammograms with cancer which were correctly diagnosed).1

The five minute documentary, Tomo Now II, highlights the experiences of breast radiologists using the Hologic tomosynthesis system for their screening and diagnostic practice in the United States.2


1The Hologic Selenia Dimensions clinical studies presented to the FDA as part of Hologic's PMA (P080003) submission that compared Hologic's Selenia Dimensions 2D + 3D tomosynthesis to Hologic's 2D FFDM
2 The comments in the video are the opinions and personal stories of the individuals interviewed and not necessarily those of Hologic.