ImageChecker Dmax

Hologic offers a broad range of solutions for screen-film mammography CAD. With nearly 15 years of experience delivering the industry's best CAD solutions, ImageChecker® can make CAD work for your practice.

Hologic has installed more than 2,500 screen-film mammography systems in the United States to date. Collectively, these systems have analyzed approximately 100 million screening mammograms using ImageChecker CAD software. That wealth of experience has resulted in a faster, more reliable and highly impressive range of film scanning solutions.

With so many scanning solutions available, Hologic can adapt ImageChecker CAD software for any practice, large or small. Most DigitalNow systems can be upgraded by adding an ImageChecker CAD software license. The screen-film CAD processing systems are:

  • DMax: Features a stack-loading laser scanner that scans films faster without sacrificing image quality.
  • LS: A table top design film scanner providing an efficient solution for image centers with space limitations.

Screen-Film CAD Displays

The Hologic family of screen-film CAD displays brings RightOn, EmphaSize, and PeerView® Digital CAD marks into clinical practice. These innovations, and the continued pursuit of algorithm excellence, have helped ImageChecker remain the preferred CAD solution. The screen-film CAD displays are:

  • CheckMate Ultra: A compact display unit for viewing Hologic's screen-film mammography CAD results.
  • Hologic Laser Printer: A high quality laser printer for printing CAD results.