At Hologic, what we do makes a statement about who we are. We are driven by scientific excellence and a commitment to make a difference in the quality of women's lives everywhere. Hologic employees pledge to display candor, honor commitments and achieve consistency in the products and services they provide, to act with the highest integrity.

We believe that investment in and commitment to our employees is key to our success and the achievement of our mission. Hologic provides an inspiring and collaborative work environment that encourages initiative and innovation and rewards excellence.

Hologic recognizes that to be the best you need to attract the best. In pursuit of this goal, we have developed programs and practices creating a strong talent pipeline for future growth. Hologic appreciates and values the diversity of our employees and the unique perspective their backgrounds and experiences bring to our business. Hologic encourages innovative thinking by celebrating and maximizing the talents of all people at every opportunity. Diversity of individuals and ideas enrich our performance as a company and enhance employee satisfaction. Hologic is committed to providing a work environment and culture that is inclusive, respectful, supportive, and free from discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Hologic is committed to a diverse workforce and providing equal employment opportunities for all individuals. Additionally, as a government contractor, Hologic is committed to affirmative action outreach and has created recruitment plans and development programs in support of these initiatives by offering people of all backgrounds an opportunity to work and contribute to our company and community.

At Hologic we never forget what we do or why we exist

Working at Hologic