May 19, 2010
Product End of Life

Dear Valued Customer,

Hologic strives to maintain support for its extensive suite of mature products; however, a current assessment of our product portfolio has determined that present regulations, both domestic and international, in conjunction with the unavailability of some technology, and key replacement components, prevent us from effectively continuing to offer part replacement and extended service contracts; new or renewals for these products.

A detailed "End of Life" plan for our Breast Imaging Products is posted on our website to assist you in identifying products affected by this program that you may own. To access this plan, click here. For your convenience we have organized the products by brand name. Models listed under 'Hologic' include those products sold under the Lorad and Trex brand names.

The 'End of Life" plan will not immediately affect customers presently covered by existing Hologic service contracts, or extended service terms as part of their purchase agreement. However, it is important to note that these contracts will not be renewable at the end of their term, and the applicable plan provisions will take effect upon their expiration.

Should you have any difficulty identifying your product, or determining how this program may affect you, please contact Hologic Technical Support by calling 1-888-505-7910, or 1-203-731-8320 for assistance.

We appreciate your past business and support and look forward to serving your mammography product needs for many years to come.


Peter Soltani
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Hologic, Breast Health

To View the End of Life Product List: Click Here