Hologic + Gen-Probe - Two healthcare leaders working as ONE.

Hologic is committed to providing laboratories with the most innovative and effective technologies, as well as best-in-class customer service. Our ThinPrep® Pap test revolutionized Pap testing a decade ago and now our ThinPrep imaging system is becoming the new standard of care. The ThinPrep imaging system utilizes computer technology, automatically scanning every cell and cell cluster, to highlight areas of interest for human analysis. By bringing computer imaging technology and human expertise together, this Dual Review technology improves screening efficiency, while concentrating human interpretative skill where it remains difficult by computer analysis alone: on those cells of greatest interest.

The Cellient® automated cell block system is the first fully automated cell block system. The vacuum-assisted filtration concentrates available cells within the block. The result is diagnostically useful, higher-quality blocks that can be reviewed efficiently - all in under an hour.