1. Take I-95.

2. Go to EXIT 1A . The sign for the exit will state MIDDLETOWN - and ROUTE 896 SOUTH.

3. Go to the 4th traffic light (about 2 miles). On your right is Pencader Corporate Center and on your left is a large white and green sign for "Siemens". Also there is a small green and white street sign for "GBC Drive".

4. Turn Left onto "GBC Drive" and follow it around. Turn right at the 3rd turn--you'll see a HOLOGIC sign on your right. Visitor's parking is located on the right, in front of the building at the entrance. If there are no parking spots available, you may park at the Credit Union parking lot before the Hologic building (would be on your right as your headed back out).

5. In the lobby you'll see a courtesy phone. Please dial extension 12709 to announce your arrival. Thank you!

**Please Note: When using a GPS - Please use GBC Drive and not Technology Drive.