On any new mammography technology, such as breast tomosynthesis, the Mammography Quality Standards Act requires that all health care professionals obtain eight hours of training prior to using new mammography technology on patients.

If you are a Medical Physicist already trained in FFDM

Eight hours of training in breast tomosynthesis will be offered through Hologic.

  • During installation Hologic will provide 5 hours of training.
  • The additional 3 hours of required training may be completed online (please see resources under Medical Physicist Training Options and Resources below) or in a live setting.

In addition, you may find training courses to meet this requirement, such as through MTMI. Hologic supports these courses with unrestricted educational grants.

If you are a Medical Physicist not yet trained in FFDM

Medical Physicists not yet trained in FFDM will need to complete the additional required eight hours of training in digital mammography, and then proceed to completing the breast tomosynthesis training outlined above, for a total of sixteen training hours.

Medical Physicist Training Options and Resources

This 3-hour online Tomosynthesis course for Medical Physicists is provided by Hologic. The 3 hours earned may be used towards the 8 hours required by the FDA for this new modality. The course consists of three modules: Introduction to Tomosynthesis, Selenia Dimensions System Description and User Interface and Quality Control Procedures. Please access the link below to request participation in this training. Include provide your full name and the facility at which you provide support for the Selenia Dimensions System and Tomosynthesis.

Contact Hologic to request online breast tomosynthesis training for medical physicists. A Hologic representative will respond to your request within 24 hours.