With exceptional precision and accuracy, the Discovery QDR series DXA systems help you identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and fractures.

Discovery delivers:

  • Exceptional Precision and Accuracy
  • High Resolution Digital Detector Array - To improve fracture detection and to visualize abdominal aortic calcifications1.
  • Speed and Image Quality - Discovery imaging technology captures the hip and spine with as fast as 10-second regional scanning time.
  • Superb Visualization1 - The Discovery system's exclusive design utilizes a high resolution detector array paired with true fan-beam linear acquisition geometry.
  • Consistency from Exam to Exam - The Discovery system performs continuous, automatic calibration, ensuring precise measurements results from exam to exam.

1 Lawrence Jankowski et al. (2006). Quantifying Image Quality of DXA Scanners Performing Vertebral Fracture Assessment Using Radiographic Phantoms.