Hologic's flagship biopsy device, ATEC®, allows for confidence in each procedure. Patients and clinicians are at the forefront of our design with not only an array of needle options, but also devices for both prone and upright stereotactic systems.


  • Tissue acquisition occurs every 4.5 seconds, typically lasting less than 30 seconds total.*
  • Easily delivers local anesthetic without interruption.
  • Combination of saline lavage and constant aspiration helps ensure a core with every cycle.


  • Fully closed system reduces contamination risk.
  • Fully disposable device and tubing minimizes staff and patient exposure to biohazard.
  • Multiple needle options for diagnostic tissue sampling to address a wide spectrum of patients.


  • One user-friendly console for every modality.
  • No software to program or operate console.
  • Simple one minute set-up and clean-up.

* Data on file with Hologic

Eviva Systems
ATEC Sapphire all-in-1 console
with standard ATEC biopsy device