Accuracy, speed and efficiency are top priorities in a breast biopsy procedure. Hologic's breast biopsy platforms give you the flexibility and precision you need while keeping patient comfort in mind. Our comprehensive family of breast biopsy solutions can be used across all imaging modalities, stereotactic (X-ray), MRI or ultrasound, giving physicians the ability to select the right imaging modality for each patient.

We've taken our commitment to fighting breast cancer one step further, supporting you from intervention to treatment. MammoSite five-day targeted radiation therapy is a break-through early stage breast cancer treatment which can be an alternative to whole breast irradiation or a mastectomy. Our new MammoSite Multi-Lumen offers more straight forward treatment planning and a flexible catheter shaft designed to maximize patient comfort during the procedure.

The recent acquisition of the Contura® Multi-Lumen Balloon Brachytherapy System complements our legacy MammoSite®  Radiation Therapy System, creating an extensive product portfolio to meet your single-insertion Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation device needs.

We are always working with physicians to discover and deliver even more innovative and effective solutions for the intervention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Our mission is to make breast biopsy and breast cancer treatment as minimally invasive as possible.





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