From breast screening, intervention and treatment to extremity imaging and osteoporosis risk assessment, Hologic is the U.S. leader in women's health. Below are the major products we'll be highlighting at RSNA this year.

3D Breast Tomosynthesis Solutions

Selenia Dimensions 3D Mammography (Breast Tomosynthesis) System

Hologic's groundbreaking Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis technology provides a more detailed, accurate picture of the breast, significantly improving early detection while dramatically reducing false positives and unnecessary callbacks.*

The Hologic breast tomosynthesis offering was approved in February 2011, has had CE marking since 2008 and is available today in 46 states in the U.S. and 29 countries around the world.

Hologic's Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis system placed first in the digital mammography category in the KLAS 2012 annual survey of healthcare executives and clinicians.

Affirm Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option

The Affirm biopsy guidance system is now available with an option that allows radiologists to use tomosynthesis to locate and accurately target regions of interest for biopsy.

The Affirm tomosynthesis biopsy procedure offers a number of advantages over stereotactic procedures, including the ability to target lesions visible only in tomosynthesis images.

The tomosynthesis biopsy procedure is streamlined, requiring fewer steps, resulting in improved workflow for clinicians and shorter procedure time for the patient. In addition, since fewer exposures are required, the overall dose is reduced.

The Affirm tomosynthesis biopsy option is CE marked and is pending FDA clearance.

C-View Synthesized 2D Software

The C-View software option creates synthesized 2D images from tomosynthesis data sets. C-View images may be used with tomosynthesis in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer, eliminating the need for a separate 2D exposure.

In the absence of a current 2D study, C-View synthesized 2D images may be useful for identifying changes when compared to the traditional 2D images from a previous exam. In October the FDA Radiological Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee voted favorably to recommend approval of C-View synthesized 2D images. C-View has had CE marking since 2011 and is pending FDA approval.

ImageChecker 3D Calc CAD

Using sophisticated software algorithms, ImageChecker 3D Calc CAD searches tomosynthesis data sets for areas with characteristics that may be indicative of microcalcifications. Marks are placed on the regions of interest to focus the radiologist's attention on the area(s). ImageChecker 3D Calc CAD is an enhancement to Hologic's Selenia Dimensions tomosynthesis systems. 3D Calc CAD is CE marked.

SecurView Diagnostic Workstations

SecurView diagnostic workstations offer innovative review tools for conventional 2D and 3D tomosynthesis images. Tomosynthesis images are incorporated into the physician's familiar hanging protocols, and advanced tools facilitate image review. SecurView diagnostic workstations are available with a variety of displays and an ergonomic keypad optimized for tomosynthesis image review.

2D Mammography Solutions

Selenia Family of 2D Mammography Systems

Hologic's Selenia 2D and Selenia Dimensions 2D mammography systems continue to be recognized as the standard-bearers for the industry, ranking second and third, respectively, in the digital mammography category in the KLAS 2012 annual survey of healthcare executives and clinicians.

The Selenia and Selenia Dimensions 2D platforms offer a broad portfolio of configurations to address different clinical and business needs.

The Selenia Dimensions 2D system offers high-quality, user-friendly digital mammography capabilities with simple upgrade pathways to multiple advanced applications, including tomosynthesis.

Selenia Dimension 2D Screening Package

The new Selenia Dimensions 2D screening package is an ideal solution for customers seeking a cost-effective addition to their breast cancer screening capabilities. The 2D screening package can be upgraded to include diagnostic, biopsy and tomosynthesis capabilities.

Selenia Dimensions 2D Contrast Imaging

The Selenia Dimensions 2D contrast imaging is a cost-effective means of adding physiological information to a diagnostic exam. The new option is designed to be performed during a conventional 2D exam or during a combo-mode exam (2D and tomosynthesis in one compression). The 2D contrast option is a simple upgrade to all Selenia Dimensions systems.

Hologic's Selenia Dimensions 2D contrast option is CE marked and pending FDA clearance.

Image Analytics Solutions

Quantra Breast Density Assessment Software

Hologic's Quantra Breast Density Assessment software provides a BI-RADS-like value that can be used for the consistent reporting of breast composition as mandated by regulations in certain U.S. states.

Additional breast composition and evaluation data is provided for each subject, breast and image to assist the radiologist in analyzing breast composition. This consistent and reproducible data can also be tracked over time.

BACS Breast Arterial Calcification Scoring

Hologic continues to expand its Image Analytics product offerings and recently added BACS (Breast Arterial Calcification Scoring) software. BACS can be used to evaluate calcified plaques in arteries. This product is CE marked and available in certain markets.

Breast Biopsy Solutions

MultiCare Platinum Breast Biopsy Guidance System

The MultiCare Platinum prone breast biopsy table offers the latest advances in stereotactic technology and patient care and comfort, making it the ideal system for the comprehensive breast imaging suite. Intuitive Cartesian coordinates and true 360 degree access allow accurate, safe and easy lesion targeting.

The Maximum Comfort Package offers a collection of ergonomically engineered cushions and interchangeable apertures to provide targeted pressure point support and allow for more customized positioning.

Breast Biopsy Devices

Innovation coupled with a focus on quality and customer service has made Hologic the leading U.S. producer of vacuum-assisted breast biopsy devices.

New in 2012 is the ATEC system ILS. This new introducer for use with the ATEC in ultrasound guidance allows for a streamlined biopsy procedure. One insertion enables both biopsy needle placement and marker deployment.

The Hologic Affirm biopsy guidance system's pre-programmed settings for Hologic Eviva and ATEC biopsy devices are designed to offer radiologists quick and efficient set-up for reduced procedure times.

Trident Specimen Radiography System

The Trident mobile specimen radiography system uses Hologic's proprietary direct digital detector technology to produce high quality images for rapid verification of tissue specimens such as breast biopsy samples.

Trident is a state-of-the-art, mobile system designed to reduce procedure steps, streamline workflow and give physicians increased confidence in the accuracy of their procedures.

Other Breast Health Solutions

Sentinelle MRI Solutions

Hologic's new 16-channel Sentinelle Breast Coil builds on the Company's strength in breast MRI interventional and analysis solutions for managing breast cancer. The new Breast Coil array is designed to provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio as well as optimal access for breast biopsies. The 16 channel array will initially be available on the Siemens TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) platforms, followed by validation on the Siemens Aera and Skyra MRI platforms.

Hologic's Sentinelle MRI Endo Coil array for pelvic imaging provides a new solution for imaging and analysis of the pelvic region. The Endo Coil employs Hologic's innovative technology designed to provide high signal-to-noise imaging to help visualize and localize cancers in the pelvic region, and especially prostate cancer.

Aixplorer MultiWave Breast Ultrasound System

With features that enhance conspicuity, increase lateral and contrast resolution and provide better delineation of structures, Aixplorer offers fundamental improvements over traditional ultrasound imaging.

Aixplorer uses SonicSoftware, a unique architecture that shifts ultrasound processing from hardware to software, to enhance speed, accuracy and flexibility. SonicSoftware enables UltraFast Imaging that can transfer information at supersonic speeds - up to 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound.

This product is only available through Hologic in the U.S.

Skeletal Health Solutions

Bone Densitometry

Hologic pioneered dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) technology, the industry standard for assessing bone health.

The Company's Discovery bone densitometry system can assess risk, identify fractures, and visualize abdominal aortic calcifications, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Hologic's new Advanced Body Composition assessment with InnerCore Visceral Adipose Tissue Option assists clinicians with the diagnosis and monitoring of obesity related metabolic diseases, athletic training regimens, and sports injury rehabilitation programs.

Advanced Body Composition can determine fat mass, lean mass and fat mass index all of which play a key role in determining the overall health of an individual.

The Company's whole body DXA systems continue to provide reliable and precise osteoporosis assessment, while these new emerging applications define DXA as a crucial link for the diagnosis of many life threatening diseases.

Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-arm

The new Fluoroscan InSight-FD with flat panel detector technology offers a thin profile and improved workspace access while providing ease of positioning. Designed specifically for orthopedic and extremity surgeons, the Fluoroscan InSight-FD mini C-arm offers an exclusive rotating detector and collimator to improve anatomical positioning within the field-of-view, making it the perfect device for today's busy surgeon.

The system's ergonomic C-arm design and forward tube source offer unmatched arch depth for greater flexibility allowing the system a full 120 degrees range of motion, both forward and back, providing improved maneuverability and precision within compact spaces.

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