Ushering in a new level in performance, comfort and efficiency

The Affirm™ breast biopsy guidance system represents a new era in upright breast biopsy with its ability to perform either stereotactic or tomosynthesis* breast biopsy procedures. Designed to work seamlessly with any Selenia® Dimensions® digital mammography system, the Affirm system delivers streamlined workflow, accurate targeting, and exceptional images.

System Overview

The Affirm system's user controls are fully integrated in the Selenia Dimensions acquisition workstation, ensuring a quick and easy transition to interventional mode. Workflow is further enhanced by the system's intuitive Cartesian targeting, automated x-ray tube movements and a sophisticated, easy-to-use operator interface. The Selenia Dimensions system's 70 cm SID, the longest in the industry, combined with the Affirm system's 18 cm x 24 cm biopsy field of view and clear compression paddles provides an added level of ease and comfort for patient positioning. In addition, the Affirm systems novel, 10° angled biopsy approach provides an unobstructed view of lesions during interventional procedures.

The Affirm system's advanced, ergonomic design provides users even greater comfort and workflow efficiencies. This compact, balanced system, weighing approximately 15 pounds, can be mounted on the Selenia Dimensions gantry in just seconds, and the long SID provides generous clearance to facilitate installation of a wide variety of biopsy devices.

One System. Multiple Capabilities

In addition to stereotactic breast biopsy procedures, the revolutionary tomosynthesis breast biopsy option* is now available. The Affirm tomosynthesis biopsy option allows radiologists to locate and accurately target regions of interest for biopsy using tomosynthesis. The Affirm tomosynthesis biopsy procedure offers a number of advantages over stereotactic procedures including:

  • Easily target lesions including those visible only in tomosynthesis images
  • Streamlined procedure steps and faster targeting, resulting in improved workflow and shorter patient procedure time
  • Reduced patient dose as fewer exposures are required

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*Optional software license and Selenia® Dimensions® tomosynthesis system is required.