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Viera™ Portable Breast Ultrasound

Image accuracy in hand.

Wireless breast ultrasound procedures, virtually anywhere.  The first to world wireless portable breast ultrasound system that doesn’t compromise on image quality.  It delivers accurate diagnostic images, at the point of care, enabling optimization of your clinical workflow and patient pathway—all at an affordable cost.


Exceptional Imaging Accuracy

  • On-demand high resolution images -- 14 MHz, 192 elements, and supports B, Color, and Doppler modes
  • Transmits images wirelessly to your smart device and integrates with PACS or the Cloud
  • Needle enhancement option for Hologic handpieces  

Streamlined Workflow and Patient Pathway

  • Handheld, take along anywhere--office, exam room, or surgical suite
  • Optimize workflow by eliminating wait times for simple ultrasound services
  • Automation of settings enable fast, easy imaging like the point-and-shoot camera on your phone


  • Add interventional breast ultrasound services for a fraction of the cost of comparable cart systems