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Digitizing solutions

Working together with customers like you to support quality care is critically important, especially given that constant change in our industry demands flexibility and innovation. Nowhere is this more evident than in breast scanning technology. In fact, today, many breast centers face tremendous challenges transitioning from screen-film to digital mammography.

To help facilitate the transition, Hologic offers the capability to scan screen-films for soft-copy review and comparison and to archive images for future use.


Hologic is dedicated to supporting radiologists in their search for the smallest, significant details in breast tissue. Scanning mammography films for computer-aided detection has never been easier with our versatile scanning solutions.

The LS Wide-Feeder, together with our Cenova server, supports our DigitalNow digitizing software and DigitalNow HD image processing software, delivering efficient workflow and reliable image quality. Here's what these technologies bring to the table to help you work more efficiently when comparing prior film mammograms to current digital mammograms.

DigitalNow HD software:
• Adapts digitized film images to a selected contrast level that resembles a digital mammography.
• Embeds a series of look-up tables in the image to allow advanced workstations to draw out less evident regions of density in the now-digitized image.

Special features of the LS Wide-Feeder with DigitalNow HD include:
• ImageVerification that allows error correction before sending images to PACS for storage.*
• Ability to use Modality Worklist and barcodes for Patient Data Entry.
• Allows for batch loading of 10 screening studies at one time.
• Offers labeling of digitized images with all ACR view and laterality for use in workstation hanging protocols.
• Comes equipped with AFMI, Automatic Film Marker Identification.*
• Provide perimeter blackening around the outer edges of the digitized image.*
• Comes equipped with Hologic Connect , a remote service tool to provide efficiency in product support.
• The ability to scan English and metric-sized mammography films.

*An exclusive feature by Hologic.



Download  The LS-Wide Feeder and DMax scanning system specification sheet

Download  DigitalNow HD specification sheet

Download  ImageChecker CAD specification sheet: