Selenia Performance digital mammography system

Every product we create delivers great science and meaningful innovation to providers and patients. The Selenia Performance digital mammography system is no exception. Image quality, clinical performance and technological advances — these are all advantages you have come to expect with a Selenia system. Moreover, with the Selenia Performance system, all of these high quality digital breast imaging benefits for screening and diagnostic mammography are available at a practical price point, making this system an excellent alternative to computed radiography (CR) or screen-film mammography.


Selenia digital mammography systems, including the Selenia Performance system, are known for their superb image quality and efficient workflow capabilities, offering these features:

  • Advanced next-generation detector.
  • Tungsten X-ray tube.
  • Acquisition workstation console.
  • Three screening, three diagnostic and two magnification compression paddles.
  • Windows 7 operating software.