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ATEC breast biopsy system for MRI

At Hologic, we believe that great science delivers meaningful innovation. This mindset lead to the development of the breakthrough that has made MRI-guided vacuum assisted breast biopsy possible.

Our flagship ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is an all-in-one platform designed for use under ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic and 3D image guidance.  It provides physicians a fast, safe and simple way to perform minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures. The ATEC MRI biopsy device enables physicians to treat patients who are at risk for breast disease under MRI-guidance while reducing procedure time, minimizing costs and improving patient comfort.2

The ATEC breast biopsy system offers the ability to treat a broad




Hologic is the market leader in breast MRI biopsy procedures.1 With the ATEC MRI biopsy device, physicians can treat a broad spectrum of patients such as women with thin breasts, implants, lesions near the medial wall or multiple lesions. With the ATEC system, physicians can reduce typical procedure time to under 40 minutes, allowing for multiple lesion targeting in one gadolinium session and optimizing costly magnet time.2

The ATEC system is:


  • Tissue acquisition occurs every 4.5 seconds, typically lasting less than 30 seconds total.
  • Easily delivers local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site without interruption.
  • Combination of saline lavage and consistent aspiration helps ensure a core with every cycle.


  • MRI conditional biopsy device; compatible with up to a 3T magnet.1
  • Fully closed system reduces contamination risk.
  • Fully disposable device and tubing minimizes staff and patient exposure to biohazards.


  • No software required for user to program or operate the console.
  • Simple one minute set-up and clean-up.
  • Supports both Grid and Post/Pillar targeting methods.

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Saline lavage

  • Combination of saline lavage and consistent aspiration helps ensure a core with every cycle.


  • Enables physicians to automatically or manually deliver local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site without interrupting the procedure.

Standard ATEC MRI biopsy device

  • Gauge:  9 gauge
  • Length: 14 cm 
  • Aperture: 20 mm

ATEC MRI access biopsy device: designed with hemispherical tip for access to challenging lesions

  • Gauge:  9 gauge
  • Length: 14 cm
  • Aperture: 12 mm

ATEC Introducer Localization System (ILS

  • Aids physicians using the ATEC MRI biopsy device during the biopsy process. Compatible with every coil system on the market, the ATEC ILS enables physicians to easily target lesions without costly software, to quickly target multiple lesions in a single gadolinium session, and to confirm their targeting prior to completing the biopsy.

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