5-minute procedure restores vaginal comfort, relieves pain

“Love, intimacy. Women deserve to live life to the fullest. Even after menopause.”

That sentiment launches the anthem for the Hologic MonaLisa Touch® patient campaign that shares the experiences of women whose lives changed after undergoing this clinically proven laser treatment. More than half of post-menopausal women face uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, including pain during sex.  

There’s a revolution in women’s sexual well-being, and it’s MonaLisa Touch.

MonaLisa Touch provides a quick, safe, painless and minimally invasive procedure that rejuvenates the vaginal tissue.

Melinda, for example, was in a new relationship, and she noticed herself pushing away during intimate moments. She worried there might not be enough attraction between her and her partner for them to enjoy sex. Then she realized that she, not him, was struggling with intimacy and pain. 

Finally, between her second and third MonaLisa Touch treatment, each of which last only five minutes or less, Melinda felt that she had her younger body back with restored feelings of receptivity, openness and sensitivity. She could be herself again. Confident, alive and vibrant, she needn’t hold back in her relationship. 

“It seems that when you reach a certain age group, men’s issues are acceptable to be discussed on social media, in the medical environment,” says Sarah, a gynecological and obstetrical nurse who also underwent the MonaLisa Touch treatment. “Women’s issues don’t seem to get the same attention. It takes two to tango. There’s a revolution in women’s sexual well-being, and it’s MonaLisa Touch.”