Aisha Tyler Joins the Fight to End Silence Around Heavy Periods

Actress and television host Aisha Tyler is encouraging women to advocate for their health by partnering with Hologic to overcome the stigma preventing millions of women from discussing their heavy periods.

One in five women suffer from heavy periods,1 yet many wait years to seek a diagnosis and treatment.2 As part of Hologic’s We Hate Heavy Periods™ initiative, Aisha is helping break the silence around heavy periods, through an earned and social media campaign as well as video content aimed at encouraging women to have open and honest conversations with their doctors about their periods.

"Women are more empowered and outspoken than ever before, yet many still don't speak up on their own behalf when it comes to their personal health," Aisha said. "One in five women live with heavy periods that affect their quality of life, relationships and careers, and many don't know they can do something about it.”

Heavy periods can be characterized by bleeding that lasts longer than seven days or includes passing clots the size of a quarter or larger.1 Many women suffering from heavy periods experience severe cramping, clotting, nausea, exhaustion and anemia as a result, which can negatively impact quality of life.2 Despite the prevalence of heavy periods, some women are either not aware they are experiencing a condition for which they can receive treatment or are hesitant to seek treatment out of fear that invasive surgery is the only option.

“At Hologic, we recognize that simply providing an effective treatment for heavy periods is not enough – we must also do our part in educating women about the condition and their options, so they seek the solution that is right for them,” said Sean Daugherty, President of the Surgical Solutions division at Hologic.

Video content featuring Aisha includes interviews with several women about their periods, as well as a sit-down discussion with Cindy Basinski, MD, a board-certified urogynecologist in Indiana, to discuss heavy periods and the treatment options available. Ultimately, the videos aim to educate and drive viewers to, where they can learn more about heavy periods and treatment options, including the Hologic-manufactured NovaSure® procedure, a one-time, five-minute surgical procedure that aims to reduce or stop menstrual bleeding in women who are finished with child-bearing.

“This is really about women living their best life and empowering themselves,” Aisha said in a recent media interview with talk show host Wendy Williams. “If you have abnormal uterine bleeding, there is something you can do that is not hormonal therapy and is not as extreme as getting a hysterectomy.”

To learn more about Hologic’s We Hate Heavy Periods campaign and to view the full videos featuring Aisha Tyler, visit

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