At Hologic, empowering healthy lives is what we do. Driven by science and grounded in a commitment to life-enhancing and life-saving efforts globally, we believe our responsibility extends far beyond supporting the healthy lives of today.

Hologic’s dedication to human health and well-being includes ensuring that our business decisions have a positive impact economically, environmentally and socially, today and for the future. We do that by promoting responsible practices within our organization, among our suppliers and in the communities where we live and work.

Hologic Sustainability - Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to energy-efficient practices not only cuts costs and improves operational performance, but it also measurably decreases our environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. 
Hologic Sustainability - Recycle and Reuse

Recycle and Reuse

As we enhance the technology behind our products, we also ensure that they remain as environmentally friendly as possible. Today, we’re reimagining how we design our products so that more can be reused and recycled.
Hologic Sustainability - Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Hologic promotes environmental and social responsibility not just internally, but across the supply chain. This means that we work with our partners to enforce policies that help us all achieve high compliance standards.
Hologic Sustainability - Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

Every day, Hologic aims for zero health and safety incidents in our workplace. We are committed to fostering collaborative thinking to promote initiatives that improve safety, increase productivity and reduce waste.