ECC- European Congress of Cytology 2019

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Malmo, Sweden


The true value of ThinPrep® liquid-based cytology

Hologic offers a comprehensive and flexible cervical health screening solution, whatever your screening algorithm.

Visit our booth 1 and attend our Lunch Symposium on Monday 17 June at 13.00hrs in Congress Room Stortorget 1 to:

  • Learn why ThinPrep is the tested and trusted, gold standard LBC with economic, reproducibility and efficiency benefits1-9
  • Discover how Hologic can deliver all your cytology needs, GYN and Non-GYN, now and into the future
  • See our new ThinPrep® Genesis™* processor and ThinPrep Integrated Imager in action

We look forward to welcoming you to Booth 1 and to our lunch symposium.

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* The ThinPrep® Genesis™ system is not FDA approved and is not for sale in the US.

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