IUSTI-Europe 2019

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Talinn, Esonia

Visit Hologic to learn how you can consolidate your infectious disease testing on the fully automated Panther Fusion® system.

Talk to us about:

  • New upcoming Aptima® assays
  • Consolidation of multiple assays on a single platform
  • How Hologic is leading the way in sensitivity and specificity for STI testing

 You are also invited to join the Hologic Sponsored Symposium on
6th September 2019, 16.30-17.30hrs, Green Room

Finnish New Variant of Chlamydia trachomatis (F-nvCT); 
discovery, international response, epidemiology, and ways forward

Session Co-Chairs: Magnus Unemo, Mirja Puolakkainen

Featured Speakers:

Overview of the F-nvCT emergence, similarities
and differences to the Swedish nvCT history

Magnus Unemo, Örebro, Sweden


Discovery of the F-nvCT, Finnish national data,
and characterisation of the F-nvCT

Kaisu Rantakokko-Jalava, Turku, Finland and Mirja Poulakkainen, Helsinki, Finland


Mechanism of F-nvCT effect on AC2 performance,
design and validation of F-nvCT Surveillance IUO assay

Damon Getman, San Diego, USA


ECDC Response and Plan for European Centralized Surveillance Study
Gianfranco Spiteri, Stockholm, Sweden


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