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3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology, powered by Genius AI™
Designed to be the fastest, highest resolution breast tomosynthesis system, ever.
At Hologic, we believe that great science delivers meaningful innovation. This mindset lead to the development of the breakthrough that has made MRI-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsy possible.
Our flagship ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is an all-in-one platform designed for use under ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic and 3D™ image guidance.
Our flagship ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is an all-in-one platform designed for use under ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic and 3D™ image guidance.
Transition from screening to interventional procedures for optimal system versatility.
The Affirm prone biopsy system employs advanced, proprietary imaging technology to visualize even hard to see lesions. Upgradable to tomosynthesis imaging.
The BioZorb Marker is designed to provide precise marking of the soft tissue tumor excision site in 3D.
Hologic offers a wide array of breast biopsy site marking solutions that work seamlessly with our leading biopsy devices.
MammoSite® and Contura® targeted radiation therapy solutions expedite radiation treatment from five to seven weeks to just five days.
The world’s first and only solution to combine vacuum-assisted tissue acquisition, real-time imaging, verification and advanced post-biopsy handling—all in one, integrated system.
The Celero breast biopsy device is the first vacuum-assisted, spring-loaded core device designed for use under ultrasound.
The Eviva stereotactic breast biopsy system was designed for prone and upright systems to be seamlessly integrated for a compassionate, minimally invasive breast biopsy.
The Faxitron Path system’s large detector has one of the highest resolutions in the industry for its size and accommodates a broad range of samples. The software has the ability to send multiple annotated images to PACS at the touch of a button.
The Faxitron Core Specimen Radiography System provides instantaneous high-resolution imaging for core sample verifications.
The Faxitron OR Specimen Radiography System provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins.
The Faxitron Path+ Specimen Radiography System with no larger field of view available, delivers more timely results for patients and greater efficiency for the gross lab.
The Fluoroscan Mini C-arm combines maneuverability, image quality and an intuitive 24” HD touchscreen monitor for optimal extremities imaging.
The Horizon DXA System features the latest in technological innovation for osteoporosis assessment, body composition and more.
I-View Software for Contrast Enhanced 2D Imaging
Hologic provides a full suite of analytics software to maximize your mammography technology.
Guide breast lesion surgerieswith ease with the LOCalizer Wire-free Guidance System.
MammoPad breast pads reduce discomfort during mammography for three out of four women.
Enterprise CD/DVD producer with embedded viewer.
PERL® Ring Localization Device
These systems offer flexible and comprehensive interactive diagnostic tools that allow radiologists to read clearly and work more efficiently — paving the way to improved patient care.
SecurXchange—IT Workflow Solutions for Unique Needs
Better detection. Clinically superior. Low dose.**
The Sertera biopsy device is the newest member of the Hologic ultrasound-guided breast biopsy family.
Our breakthrough breast compression technology – available with our Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam* – delivers a clinically proven, more comfortable patient experience.
Supersonic™ MACH 30 Breast Ultrasound
SureCare Service from Hologic
Superb image quality for streamlined workflow.
Superb image quality for streamlined workflow.
The TruNode Single-use Gamma Probe System is designed to detect faint nodes closer to the injection site and facilitating precise hotspot localization.
Viera® Breast Performance Software with Clarius HD
The first wireless, handheld breast ultrasound with exceptional breast image quality. Enabling optimization of your clinical workflow and patient pathway — all at an affordable cost.