Faxitron® CT Specimen Radiography System

Equipping you with the full picture

Reconstruct specimens in real time with the first 510(k) cleared
3D CT specimen radiography system. The Faxitron CT system
scans 360 degrees and reconstructs the whole specimen volume
(in 0.1 mm slices) with GPU-accelerated Real-Time

Cutting-edge Surgical Suite Technology

The Faxitron CT system is designed to achieve better surgical
outcomes and improve intraoperative specimen margin
assessment by providing data from all 3 axes, beyond


Clinical Images and Videos

The Faxitron CT system scans 360º degrees and reconstructs the whole specimen volume in 0.1mm slices with GPU-accelerated Real Time Reconstruction.

Each one of the four views can be maximized to full screen. Automatic metal artifact correction minimizes interference from metal clips and markers.

Only a full CT system can calculate Hounsfield units for the tissue. Hounsfield (or CT Units) are measurements of density relative to water and air which provides additional clinical information about the specimen.

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