Career Stories

Career Stories

While science drives Hologic's innovative technologies, our mission and our impact on patients' lives are driven equally by our people. Our team's range of backgrounds and talents enhance and save lives. Consequently, they grow personally and professionally as they develop inspiring, fulfilling Hologic careers.

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Jennifer Cunningham Headshot

“Working for a women’s health company like Hologic makes me feel like I’m part of a legacy—one that matters. Every day, I’m able to go home and know that I’m contributing to enhancing and improving the lives of women across the world.”

Krysten Arthur Headshot

“We spend more of our lives at work than at home, so it's critical to enjoy the people you work with. I'm lucky enough to work with finance and accounting people who take work seriously and strive for perfection. We all give a little extra in everything we do.”

Elizabeth Brule Headshot

“My purpose in life has always been able to take care of things I care about. I've always wanted to work in medical devices because I like knowing that at Hologic, what I do every day helps saves lives.”

Heather Capes Headshot

“It makes me proud to work for a leading women's health company that delivers products that impact women's lives in such a profound way.”

Danielle Palmstrom Headshot

“My proudest achievement to date is the launch of the new The team recognized that Hologic's branding needed to move from a clinical aesthetic to a more human-focused one in order to effectively tell the stories of the lives we impact. The new is proof of this shift.”

Chetan Jain Headshot

“I like web development because of its dynamic nature; it keeps me on my toes. It was exciting to work with marketing gurus here at Hologic and work to decode their ideas into a beautiful website for healthcare professionals and patients.”

Tamara Johnson Headshot

“If I could give one piece of advice to aspiring women in STEM, I would say to find and take advantage of as many opportunities to get your feet wet in science as early as possible, such as internships, summer programs, or volunteering. There are so many mentors out there waiting to share their love of science to those willing to learn.”

Alyssa Cook Headshot

“I love that Hologic has a clear focus on Women’s Health. I can do my work knowing that everything I do is for a higher purpose. We’re committed to giving doctors the tools to provide the best medical care and most precise results. Hologic has left a clear footprint in terms of innovation and the proven superiority.”


Phillip Modesti Video Thumbnail
Phillip Modesti

Phillip shares what motivates him to come to work every day.

Yovnie Cheng Video Thumbnail
Yovnie Cheng

Yovnie shares how empowering it is to work at a women’s health company like Hologic.

Jacquelyn Brady Video Thumbnail
Jacquelyn Brady

The impact Hologic employees like Jackie have on women’s health extends beyond the workplace.

Shanna Deng Video Thumbnail
Shanna Deng

The entrepreneurial spirit of Hologic employees drives a lot of our work at Hologic.

Sonal Patel Video Thumbnail
Sonal Patel

Here at Hologic, our employees, like Sonal, pride themselves on being innovative to help advance better health around the world.


Krysten Arthur Headshot

Not every company culture fosters an environment that encourages people to discuss women's health issues openly. That's part of what Krysten loves about Hologic. After noticing a job posting online, Krysten felt an immediate personal connection to the company's work and culture. She likes working for an organization so devoted to making meaningful progress in women's heath and committed to the well-being and development of its employees. While at Hologic, Krysten was one of the first finance employees to accept a rotational assignment and worked in a new role in Investor Relations. She learned the job during its busiest period, proving to herself and her team that she can move out of her comfort zone.

Molly Boesch Headshot

Molly joined Hologic twice. She left briefly to pursue a startup opportunity. But the passion she felt for women's healthcare and the knowledge that every ounce of energy she puts into Hologic can save a patient's life led her to return. In the early ThinPrep days, Molly created a waiver for doctors' offices to enable patients to decide if they wanted to pay the extra money for the test. One patient chose ThinPrep and discovered a high-grade, pre-cancerous lesion. She had surgery and reached out personally to Molly to thank her and her team—one of the most profoundly touching moments of Molly's career.

Adrian Smith Headshot

For several years, Adrian admired Hologic products as a competitor, and later he was looking for a managerial role with a team that would deliver growth in a competitive market. Today, Adrian has tremendous confidence in his team and an unwavering belief in the superiority of Hologic's diagnostic products. The thrill of taking on the competition and winning the loyalty of customers inspires him every day. Adrian has helped Hologic lead and grow in women's health and cervical screening since he joined in 2014.

Alyssa Cook Headshot

As Alyssa explored her options for life after college, a family friend and Gynecologist/Obstetrician suggested she take a closer look at Hologic. He had used NovaSure® and MyoSure® in his practice and was impressed with the company, its mission, and the quality of its products. He urged Alyssa to reach out and see if Hologic had any openings. The timing was just right. She landed an internship in the Sales Incentive & Performance Department that led to her current position. Alyssa felt respected right from the start, especially when her teammates embraced her ideas for building a user-friendly technology interface for presenting divisional data. Her career is off to a fast start.