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ThinPrep 5000 sample transfer system

Hologic is committed to providing innovative and effective laboratory solutions. The ThinPrep 5000 sample transfer system (STS) automates the sample transfer process for cervical samples collected using the ThinPrep Pap test for use with the Cervista human papillomavirus (HPV) test. By eliminating what is often a manual system involving time and multiple handling requirements for samples, the ThinPrep 5000 STS gives labs an enhanced chain-of-custody procedure, allowing for even more confidence in their test results.


The ThinPrep 5000 STS ensures chain of custody by mapping each vial’s barcode label as it is processed to the specific well on the specific plate to which the sample is being transferred. Vials are loaded into the instrument via a carousel which holds up to 48 vials. Key system components include barcoded ThinPrep solution sample vials, input carousel for loading the vials, trays of micropipette tips, barcoded 96-well deep-well micro-titer plates and risers for those plates. With the ThinPrep 5000 system, small- to mid-sized labs have a scalable, fully automated solution for cervical cancer and HPV screening. 


The unique automated features of the ThinPrep 5000 STS allow for the transfer of samples to the 96-well microplate and the processing of 96 samples in two hours to: 

  • Increase lab efficiency.
  • Ensure chain-of-custody.
  • Minimize repetitive motion.

Additional features include:

  • Sample dispersion. 
  • Un-cap / Re-cap. 
  • Automates the transfer of patient samples from ThinPrep Pap test vials to a 96 deep-well plate. 
  • Automates bar code scanning for each ThinPrep Pap test vial. 
  • To ensure accurate chain-of-custody, the STS creates a digital sample plate map file compatible with Cervista MTA.