Image analytics

We're firmly committed to making breast image analysis easier and more accurate, essential to enhancing care and improving outcomes for patients. 

As we all recognize, digital breast images can provide a wealth of data. Our image analytic tools are designed to help radiologists analyze this data, enabling them to better assess cancer risk and identify breast cancer at its earliest stages.


Hologic offers a range of software applications that process digital or digitized breast images, including:

ImageChecker CAD, which identifies regions of interest on mammography images in order to help minimize observational oversights by the radiologist, thereby decreasing false negative readings. Being a pioneer in this technology has allowed Hologic to leverage a formidable and growing database of clinical cases to effectively identify masses, architectural distortions and microcalcifications in a diverse screening population.

Quantra breast density software, a unique volumetric breast density assessment tool that allows radiologists to monitor changes in breast density over time. This is critical for women with dense breasts, because higher breast density is known to increase a woman's risk for breast cancer.1 Understanding her risk empowers patient and physician alike to take any necessary screening steps to help identify potential cancer at the earliest stage. Quantra software also provides accurate, reproducible information that may be useful in the reporting of consistent breast composition values as mandated by certain state regulations. 


Improving outcomes in breast health means assessing risk, detecting disease early and effectively intervening as necessary.

The Cenova platform from Hologic provides the server capabilities required to integrate powerful mammography detection and assessment applications into your facility. The Cenova platform is the first of its kind to simultaneously support multiple software applications, providing increased flexibility that allows you to tailor the Cenova platform with clinical applications to meet your needs.

Two key Hologic products are offered through the Cenova image analytics platform:

  • Quantra breast density assessment software:

o Includes a sophisticated algorithm that objectively and consistently provides the radiologist breast composition information, including BIRADS-like values, as well as area breast density assessment.

o   Provides breast density information that can be communicated to the patient and referring physician as part of the radiologist's assessment.

o   Results available for viewing on the SecurView and PACS workstations; also compatible with some mammography reporting systems.

  • ImageChecker CAD (computer-aided detection):

o   Transforms the practice of mammography by helping radiologists evaluate digital and screen-film mammograms. 

o   Identifies regions of interest on mammography images in order to assist the radiologist.

o   Analyzes 2D digital images and marks suspicious masses and clusters of calcifications.

o   Displays markings on the SecurView and PACS workstations; also compatible with other diagnostic workstations.

  • ImageChecker 3D Calc CAD and BACS, additional Image Analytics products from Hologic, are both offered outside of the U.S.  Learn more at

1. Boyd NF, Martin LJ, Bronskill M, Yaffe MJ, Duric N, Minkin S. Breast Tissue Composition and Susceptibility to Breast Cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2010;102;1-14.