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    A Softer Mammogram

    Mammograms are painful for many women; however, there are ways to reduce discomfort during mammograms. The most frequently reported source of pain is compression, followed by discomfort caused by the edges of the image receptor. MammoPad cushions reduce this discomfort and take the chill off the receptor surface. Studies show that the softer mammogram provided by the MammoPad cushion reduces discomfort by 50% for three out of four women.1,2

    Improve Patient Satisfaction

    Over 25% of technologists report that mammography discomfort impacts patient satisfaction scores.5 Imaging centers that have added the MammoPad cushion to their mammography services have seen an increase in patient satisfaction5, as well as an increase in patient volume and revenue. Promoting a softer mammogram can help differentiate your imaging center from others. The cushions are compatible with many mammography systems.

    A Softer Mammogram

    A softer touch in breast imaging.

    Part of a Total Comfort Solution.

    MammoPad cushions can be used with the SmartCurve™ system* designed for the Hologic Dimensions® platform, for the ultimate in patient care.

    Thank You!

    My Mammogram Is Less Painful Now! To the person who developed the soft pink pads for mammograms. They really do make it less painful. I am 62, have had breast issues for years, and it seems like all I do is ‘get another mammogram.’ So what a difference this has made!
    Claudia Burton Johnstown, NY

    The breast cushion helps positioning in so many ways.

    It warms the mammography device, so that patients become more receptive to the technologist. The soft foam is also a perfect surface, because once we position a patient’s breast, it stays there.
    Ellen Everett-Massetti, R.T. St. John Hospital and Medical Centers, Detroit, MI

    Optimized Positioning means Better Imaging.

    Use of the MammoPad cushion has been shown to significantly increase tissue acquisition.3,4 The cushion’s grip-like surface holds breast tissue in place to ensure optimal positioning, which leads to greater accuracy in mammography.4

    MammoPad breast cushions are latex-free, hypoallergenic and FDA-listed. Hologic provides complimentary recycling for all MammoPad breast cushions.

    *Upon FDA approval and/or commercial availability/Not available in all markets.


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