SecurView® Workstations

Designed for today's breast radiologists, SecurView 12.0 software allows for multimodality capabilities, including breast ultrasound, 2D and 3D mammography viewing both onsite and remote for home environments.




    Enhancing reading productivity with the right tools.

    SecurView breast imaging workstations are built with the specific needs of breast radiologists in mind. The SecurView 12.0 solution provides advanced, customizable workflows and cutting-edge image manipulation tools to ensure accurate, efficient evaluation, with the added flexibility of fully accessible remote viewing.

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    Provider looking at x-ray on monitor in dark office
    Provider looking at x-rays on monitor
    Provider looking at x-rays on monitor
    Providers looking at x-rays on monitor
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    Monitor showing x-rays on desk in an office setting.
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    Increasing enterprise efficiency and precision

    Adaptable and scalable to fit specific needs

    SecurView Manager facilitates communication within a workstation cluster, including remote workstations for increased efficiency, allowing instant access to images and sharing of markings and annotations.

    Simplifies the modern workflow

    New lesion correlation feature with Genius AI® Detection 2.0 software, single-button hanging protocol advancement, integrated analytics display, and one-button exam completion speed up diagnosis.

    Promotes smart, precise reporting

    Application Synchronization enables bi-directional communication between SecurView workstation and mammography reporting systems, dictation applications, HIS/RIS and PACS.

    Fully connected with your imaging ecosystem

    Advanced communication integration with SecurView DX or RT and Selenia® Dimensions® mammography systems allow for markings, comments and instructions to be shared between radiologists and technologists.

    Optimize Radiologist's Workflows

    SecurView 12.0 software is an imaging viewer created specifically for reading breast studies, with unique features designed to reduce extra steps and automate processes like image right sizing.

    Sophisticated imaging review performance

    Engineered for maximum viewing power including Magnify, Zoom, Measure, Add Text, Draw, Arrow, Rotate and Flip features.

    Thoughtful reading environment features

    Single point of sign-in, along with patient open and close, has the potential to minimize reporting errors and can reduce the complexity of the reading environment.

    Fast, informed diagnostic decisions

    All relevant 2D and 3D™ breast ultrasound studies, including priors, are available for immediate review and diagnosis.

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    Elevates Mammography AI Technology

    SecurView 12.0 workstations integrate the latest imaging technologies from Hologic such as 3DQuorum® imaging technology, Hologic Clarity HD® high-resolution imaging technology, and Genius AI® Detection 2.0 software.

    Transitioning to Virtual Environments.

    A Powerful Fusion of IT and Radiology Requirements.

      SecurView 12.0 is a multimodality solution with integrated ultrasound viewing and interpretation capabilities built directly in the SVDX viewer.

      The system features accelerated image retrieval speeds for both current and prior studies for immediate review and fast, informed diagnostic decisions.

      Expand the SecurView DX software cluster beyond 10 clients per manager with advanced image distribution to read concurrently in more locations.

      Offers a virtual SecurView manager option, removing the need to purchase standalone hardware and providing a superior back-up solution.

      Enhancing Efficiency, in the Reading Room and at Home

      Includes Smart Breast Ultrasound Viewing

      Breast ultrasound viewing capabilities included directly in the viewer application, including new features such as mosaic tiling and ultrasound measurements.

      Optimized Genius® AI Detection 2.0 software synergy

      SecurView 12.0 software introduces intelligent new functionality with Genius™ AI Detection automated lesion correlation markings between CC and MLO views.

      Quick and Dynamic System Interface

      Single-button hanging protocol advancement, integrated analytics display, and one-button exam completion speed up diagnosis.