Genius AI™ Detection Technology




    Deep-learning based cancer detection for breast tomosynthesis, the next breakthrough in early breast cancer detection.

    Hologic’s next generation deep-learning based software detects potential cancers in breast tomosynthesis images.*

    Building on Hologic’s history of technical innovation and commitment to saving lives of women, Genius AI Detection technology represents the next breakthrough in helping radiologists identify breast cancers. Using deep learning technology, Genius AI Detection is designed to find cancers with improved accuracy as compared to Hologic’s previous generation CAD, with the software fully integrated on the Dimensions® system.

    In combination with Hologic’s market leading imaging technology, Genius AI Detection technology delivers on this commitment by leveraging the breakthrough technology of deep learning to:

    Aid in radiologists’ diagnostic performance.**

    Provide workflow tools to enhance your practice.

    Fully integrate on the Dimensions platform.

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      * FDA Clearance K201019.
      ** Based on analyses that do not control type I error and therefore cannot be generalized to specific comparisons outside this particular study. In this study: The average observed AUC was 0.825 (95% CI: 0.783, 0.867) with CAD and 0.794 (95% CI: 0.748, 0.840) without CAD. The difference in observed AUC was +0.031 (95% CI: 0.012, 0.051). The average observed reader sensitivity for cancer cases was 75.9% with CAD and 66.8% without CAD. The difference in observed sensitivity was +9.0% (99% CI: 6.0%, 12.1%). The average observed recall rate for non-cancer cases was 25.8% with CAD and 23.4% without CAD. The observed difference in negative recall rate was +2.4% (99% CI: 0.7%, 4.2%). The average observed case read-time was 52.0s with CAD and 46.3s without CAD. The observed difference in read-time was 5.7s (95% CI: 4.9s to 6.4s).

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