3DQuorum® Imaging Technology

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    3DQuorum Imaging Technology, powered by Genius AI™.

    Our highest resolution 3D imaging, faster.

    Our new 3DQuorum technology utilizes Genius AI-powered analytics to uniquely generate 6mm SmartSlices from the original high-resolution 3D™ data. SmartSlices are designed to expedite reading time by reducing the number of images to review, with no compromise in image quality, sensitivity or accuracy.1,2,4

    3DQuorum Key Benefits

    Accurate and Timely Diagnosis.

    Genius AI powered software identifies clinically relevant regions of interest and preserves important features during the creation of SmartSlices. Each high-resolution SmartSlice overlaps the previous one by 3mm, ensuring there is no loss of 3D image data and continuity in scrolling.1,2,4

    Expedited Clarity HD High Resolution 3D Exam Read Times.

    When a Radiologist reads SmartSlices instead of 1mm slices, the number of 3D images to review is reduced by 2/31,3, leading to an average interpretation time savings of 1 hour per day, based on 8 hours of image interpretation time per day.2.3,4

    High-Resolution File Size Reduction.

    3DQuorum technology reduces the typical Hologic Clarity™ HD and Intelligent 2D study size by over 50%, bringing the storage space and network impact back down to that of standard resolution 3D imaging.

    3DQuorum Imaging Technology, powered by Genius AI Animation.

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