Get informed. Get involved.

Education and early detection are our best tools in the fight against breast cancer. So in honor of breast cancer awareness month — or as we like to call it, Breast Cancer Action Month — it’s time to learn how you can take control of your breast health.

What breast cancer can look and feel like:

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We’ve teamed up with Know Your Lemons to educate women around the world about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and the importance of screenings. Together, we’re doing what we can to promote early detection, and ultimately save lives.

Know what to look for. Know Your Lemons. #KnowBreastCancer.

Start with a self-exam.

It only takes 5 minutes once a month. Learn the right technique, find out what to look for and take control of your breast health.

When was your last mammogram?

If you’re over 406, you should get a mammogram EVERY year. Regular screenings and early detection are essential to discovering any changes in your breasts.

Are you seeing the signs?

The risk is real…

About 1 in 8 women

will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.1

In 2020, about 

2,3 million women

were diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide.2

Every 14 seconds,

a woman is diagnosed
with breast cancer.2


Breast cancer is the

most common

cancer worldwide2

Breast cancer accounts for about

30% of total female cancer

cases in the US.3

…but hope is out there.

66% of breast cancer

cases are caught at a localized stage, when it's easiest to treat.1






When caught early, the 5-year 

survival rate is 99%










Know Your Lemons BREAST SCHOOLTM has taught over 67,000 volunteer educators in 60 countries and counting.

Early detection has

saved an estimated



The breast cancer death rate has

declined by 43%

since 1989.1

Breast density: The other ABC’s.

According to the new guidelines, there are 4 levels of breast density7. If you have denser breasts, you have a greater risk of breast cancer, and they can be more difficult to scan for cancerous tumors. The good news is, there are many advanced screening options, such as 3D mammograms to give you and your doctor a clearer picture of your breast health, even if you have dense breasts.

Breast Density Chart

You cannot tell your breast density by “feeling,” but your mammography report will tell you your density level. Also, it’s not just one-and-done. Breast density can change throughout your life, so it’s essential you get screened regularly. Learn the basics on breast density in the Know Your Lemons app, or check out this Q&A blog pos

Hologic 3D MammographyTM exam

Hologic 3D MammographyTM exam have been shown to find up to 65% more invasive breast cancers than 2D alone,4 and can even provide a more comfortable mammogram. Plus, it’s the fastest scan available, so you spend less time under compression. Talk to your doctor about a Hologic® 3D Mammography™ exam today.

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mammography screening in lab setting

Take the mystery out of mammograms.

Mammograms are simple, quick, and the best way to screen for breast cancer. But what actually happens during a mammogram? Let us walk you through all the steps.

Stay abreast of your health with the Know Your Lemons app.

Meet your new ally in the fight against breast cancer. Learn how to self-exam, calculate your risk, set mammogram reminder notifications and more, all in one app.

Get the app.

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Stay informed beyond Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Action Month is the perfect time to make an ongoing commitment to yourself, and to encourage the women and men in your life to get educated about breast cancer. The more we all get involved, the better we can all #KnowBreastCancer.

Be a part of the early detection movement.

Become a certified Know Your Lemons Breast Health Educator and join a global team of people dedicated to making an impact and saving lives. With the right tools, training, and resources, you can empower women within your community.

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Join the conversation and help spread the word!


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    *Compared to 2D alone
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