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No one can do it alone. So, we’ve partnered with other forward-thinking organizations to drive change that will impact women’s lives and society for generations to come.

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harms women

Black women in the U.S. not only are two times more likely to die from cervical cancer than white women, but they are more likely to die from their cervical disease than any other racial or ethnic group.3

Hispanic women are 40% more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 20% more likely to die from cervical cancer, as compared to non-Hispanic white women.1

The breast cancer death rate is

40% higher

in Black women.2



harms women

We need to


so we can do more.

We need to


so we can do more.

New research shows that despite having a similar breast cancer incidence rate, Black women are almost 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than non-Hispanic white women. We want to change that.4

Black women experience fibroids up to three times more frequently than other racial groups.5

Black women have the highest prevalence (18.5%) of uterine fibroids, compared to white women (10.3%).6

The incident rate of cervical cancer among Hispanic women is 22% higher than it is for white women and 14% higher for Black women.7

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$20M invested

in Project Health Equality to date

Uterine fibroids disproportionately impacts Black women, who often have a larger number of fibroids that occur at a younger age.8

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supported across the United States

How we’re driving


Project Health Equality gains its strength through partnerships, progress through collaboration

Solving these complex issues will take more than new resources, it will take diversity of thought, insights and imagination. That’s why we’ve joined with proven-effective nonprofit organizations that have the values, vision and expertise to make a meaningful difference for Black and Hispanic women.

Black Women’s Health Imperative

Black Women’s Health Imperative is the only national organization devoted solely to advancing the health and wellness of America's 21 million Black women and girls. We stand with its mission, which is why we’ve worked with BWHI since 1998.

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Voting determines policies that will directly impact our health. Use your ballot for good.

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

National Alliance for Hispanic Health is a nonprofit and nonpartisan advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Hispanics – work that we are eager to support.

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RAD-AID is a nonprofit organization working to increase and improve radiology in low-resource and medically underserved regions of the world. We have been partnered with RAD-AID since 2000 and we are eager to continue these efforts to increase radiology access in the US for women's health.

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