The Hologic Global Women's Health Index: the first globally comparative study of women’s health

Indian woman in shawl

We made an unprecedented commitment to studying and improving the health and well-being of 3.9 billion women. More than life-changing, this is world-changing.


Women’s health is societal health. The connection to families, communities, society, progress and humankind is intertwined. Upon discovering a gap in our global understanding roughly half the size of the planet, we gave ourselves an audacious goal: to lead the way for better health and well-being for 3.9 billion women while rallying the world to join us. And we did, creating the world’s first Global Women’s Health Index. 
On March 8th, 2021, International Women’s Day 2021, we made the news of the groundbreaking Index public. 

The first globally comparative study of women’s health allows us to track change and progress for good. 
Ensuring our commitment to truly life-changing work, we partnered with Gallup and are now a part of the Gallup World Poll, giving us the accessibility and accuracy we need. 
In our first year, we have heard the stories of 120,000 women and men across 116 countries, speaking 40+ languages. And the Index now has 36,000,000 data points about pregnancy care, doctor visits, domestic violence, and medical treatments. More than critical insights, this data represents lives, families, communities, our future.
With the global release of the Index in the coming months, we believe this is a movement to greater health that will impact this generation and generations to come. But to truly make an impact, we need people everywhere to get behind it. So, we ask you to join us and stand with us on this life and world-changing mission.

With purpose, passion, and a promise to the world, our goal isn’t just to improve women’s lives, but all of ours. Visit our website for the full story and to learn how you can get involved.