OB-GYN and TV personality Dr. Jackie Walters is stressing importance of life-saving screenings for women

Dr. Jackie

When a disease such as cervical cancer is treatable and even preventable—yet approximately 4,000 women continue to die from it every year—we have more work to do in educating women about the disease and how to protect their health. 

As a two-time survivor of breast cancer and well-known OB-GYN, TV personality (“Married to Medicine”- Bravo TV), host of the upcoming podcast “Dr. Jackie’s Point of V” and best-selling author of “The Queen V”, Dr. Jackie, has made it her life’s mission to merge traditional and steadfast medicine that focuses on the mind, body and spirit. As a part of this, she is committed to raising awareness of the importance of life-saving screenings for women. 

“One woman every hour in the U.S. is diagnosed with cervical cancer, and that’s one too many,” she says. “I’m determined to do something about that.”

Refreshingly candid, Dr. Jackie has an unusual insider’s perspective as both physician and patient, underscoring her authority on the subject, but also giving her insights into what women need to know about screenings and their importance to their health. Dr. Jackie will talk about her own health journey and what, even as a practicing OB-GYN, she learned along the way that has informed her passion for helping other women stay healthy. 

Now concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused some women to delay their well-woman exams, Dr. Jackie wants to ensure all women know that the best way they can protect themselves against cervical cancer is to see their doctor and ask to get tested either with a Pap test or with Pap+HPV together, depending on their age. It may be January, but she wants women to not just resolve to schedule their appointment, but to actually make the appointment.

As a champion of women’s health, we’re grateful to Dr. Jackie for her ability to connect with women in ways that can make a meaningful difference in their lives. And we are excited that she will be partnering with Hologic and using her passion to discuss cervical cancer, the value of the Pap test and what women and their doctors can do to manage treatment and prevention options. 

To learn more and set an appointment reminder, women can go to Hologic.com/WellWoman.