SuperSonic™ MACH™ 40 Ultrasound System with UltraFast™ Imaging

Innovation and Integration, today and tomorrow

Hologic's new high-performance SuperSonic MACH 40 ultrasound system is designed to help increase efficiency and diagnostic accuracy in your practice.

Your exams are about to benefit from a new kind of ultrasound experience – the one that is innovative, intuitive, integrated, and intelligent.

UltraFast™ imaging – The power behind innovations

Inspired by the video gaming industry, the intelligent signal processing with image capture capacity of up to 20,000 frames per second,1 brings unlimited possibilities into ultrasound imaging:

  • Exceptional imaging - images with reduced speckle, regardless of tissue density, and improved lesion conspicuity for enhanced diagnostic confidence
  • Innovative Modes:
    • ShearWave™ PLUS elastography - real-time tissue stiffness evaluation
    • Angio PLUS imaging - microvascular flow assessment
    • TriVu imaging - simultaneous acquisition of 3 essential characteristics
    • Needle PLUS imaging - needle visibility enhancement during biopsies for improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction
    • 3D Breast Software (3D Imaging available in December) - based application offering unique visualizations of breast anatomy and detailed characterization of lesions.
  • Future advances - more informed decision-making with a “Unifi-certified” and an “AI-compatible” ultrasound platform.

Intuitive user experience and improved overall comfort

Designed to help create a productive and pain-free environment with a large full HD screen, embedded SonicPad™ touchpad, ergonomic and lightweight transducers, and a low noise level system.


1. Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging, by Jeremy Bercoff (Published: August 23rd 2011 DOI: 10.5772/19729)

Find out how ShearWave™ PLUS elastography and other unique innovative imaging modes may…

  • aid in the diagnostic work up of breast lesions and thus positively impact patient management.1
  • help with targeting lesions during ultrasound-guided biopsy2
  • contribute to an accurate lesion size measurement3
  • play a role in prognostics and monitoring of breast cancer patients during and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy4
Hologic ShearWave™ PLUS elastography clinical image
ShearWave™ PLUS elastography
Dynamic tissue stiffness evaluation with large color-coded map in real-time
Hologic Angio PLUS clinical image
Angio PLUS imaging
Ultrasensitive color mode that offers enhanced visualization of microvasculature
Hologic TriVu™ clinical image
TriVu imaging
3 characteristics – morphology, stiffness and blood flow – analyzed all at the same time
Hologic Needle PLUS™ clinical image
Needle PLUS imaging
Enhanced needle visibility with trajectory prediction
Hologic 3D clinical image
3D Imaging (available soon)
Acquires 3D images of the breast that offers unique visualizations of breast anatomy and detailed characterization of lesions (MultiPlanar and MultiSlice Displays

Discover an intuitive SonicPad™ touchpad designed to…

  • reduce user’s movements
  • shorten examination time

*3D breast application will be available in December 2020 (as a part of SuperSonic MACH Version 3 release).
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Clinical images presented in this document may have been acquired in the imaging facilities outside the U.S. Additional notes may be displayed on the U.S. images.
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