Genius™ Cervical AI

    Identify clinically relevant cells. Genius Digital Diagnostics is the first and only FDA cleared digital cytology system.




      Your digital assistant targets cells that need expert attention.

      Genius Cervical AI is a new artificial intelligence (AI) for cervical cancer screening that assists in objectively identifying pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer cells, infectious organisms, and glandular component from patient samples imaged on the Genius Digital Imager.

      Accurate Detection

      AI-guided review streamlines cancer screening and results in more accurate disease detection.1

      Generalizable Performance

      Stable AI, trained with a robust and standardized data set, delivers generalizable performance across healthcare settings.

      Specimen Adequacy

      Estimated squamous cell count helps determine specimen adequacy.

      Streamline Screening with AI-Guided Review

      Genius Cervical AI narrows your screening from tens of thousands of objects down to a curated gallery of images for confident and efficient review.

      Volumetric image of cytology cells

      Genius Cervical AI objectively analyzes every cell on a digital image and intelligently identifies those most clinically relevant.

      Volumetric image of cytology cells

      A single gallery representing the entire case is organized and presented, enabling reviewers to make an interpretation using only the AI-generated gallery of images. 

      Genius Cervical AI

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      Genius™ Digital Diagnostics System

      Powerful artificial intelligence combined with advanced digital imaging designed to transform cancer screening

      Hologic introduces the Genius Digital Diagnostics System*

      Genius Digital Diagnostics is the first CE-marked digital cytology platform to combine a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm with advanced volumetric imaging technology to help cytotechnologists and pathologists identify pre-cancerous lesions and cancer cells in women.

      The system can rapidly analyze all cells on a ThinPrep® Pap test digital image, narrowing tens of thousands of cells down to an AI-generated gallery of the most diagnostically relevant images. This will help provide healthcare providers with the critical information they need to guide earlier detection and better treatment decisions for the patients they serve.

      * Genius Digital Diagnostics is CE-marked for diagnostic use in Europe.  May not be available in all markets. Contact your local Hologic representative for availability in your country.

      The only comprehensive cervical cancer screening portfolio from sample collection to digital diagnosis.

      The Genius Digital Diagnostics System’s cutting-edge technology includes:

      Image Clarity

      An advanced digital imager featuring volumetric imaging technology that produces exceptional image clarity.

      Secure Image Management

      A secure image management server for storing images.

      New AI Algorithm

      A new, deep learning-based artificial intelligence algorithm that is designed to detect pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer cells.

      Review Station

      A high-resolution review station for local or remote case review.

      Explore the system

      Genius Digital Diagnostics enables seamless and dynamic collaboration across laboratories within a network, connecting pathologists with remote review so each patient can benefit from the collective knowledge of geographically dispersed experts when needed. Digital case review promises to enhance the experience for lab partners by improving workflow and accelerating review time.

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      Hologic and Google Cloud announce collaboration to advance next generation digital diagnostic capabilities