Novodiag® Stool Parasites Assay

    CE marked. Not for sale in the US.

    Novodiag® Stool Parasites Assay

    A complete, fully-automated on-demand testing solution for the identification of protozoa, helminths and microsporidia.



      Assay Highlights

      The Novodiag® Stool Parasites assay, performed with the Novodiag System, is a cartridge-based molecular test for qualitative detection of protozoa, helminths and microsporidia. Our microarray technology allows for multiplex testing, offering a complete panel result. The test uses stool samples from patients.

      CE marked. Not for sale in the US.


      The Novodiag CarbaR+ enables on-demand screening of the most clinically relevant carbapenemases and colistin resistance in one single test.

      Instructions for Use

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      Smart simplicity in on-demand testing

      Cartridge-based on-demand testing, that delivers clinical confidence in approximately an hour.

      Features & Benefits

      The Novodiag® assays allow a simple and fast way to pinpoint patients most at risk with targeted, multiplex and syndromic on-demand testing.

        • Comprehensive panel in just one test
        • Improved patient safety
        • Time and labour saving

          No need for highly trained personnel enabling decentralised testing

        • Faster diagnosis compared to traditional methods
        • Time and cost effectiveness
        • Improved patient outcome
        • Improved workflow and time to results
        • Increased lab revenue
        • Better reproducibility, precision and productivity

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