Scientific Publications - Breast Health

Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography™)

  1. Smith_WhitePaper_2017_Improving Patient Comfort in Mammography
  2. Martin_EurRadiol_2018_Prospective study aiming to compare 2D mammography and tomosynthesis + synthesized mammography in terms of cancer detection and recall. From double reading of 2D mammography to single reading of tomosynthesis. 
  3. Rafferty_BreastCancerResTreat_2017_Effect of age on breast cancer screening using tomosynthesis in combination with digital mammography
  4. Fajardo_Lancet_2016_Comparison of 15° and 30° Angle Acquisition Digital Breast Tomosynthesis for Visualization and Characterization of Breast Abnormalities 
  5. Rafferty_JAMA_2016_Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis and Digital Mammography in Dense and Non-dense Breasts
  6. McDonald_JAMA_2016_Effectiveness of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Compared With Digital Mammography Outcomes Analysis from 3 Years of Breast Cancer Screening
  7. Friedewald_JAMA_2014_Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography
  8. Ciatto_Lancet_2013_Integration of 3D digital mammography with tomosynthesis for population breast cancer screening (STORM): a prospective comparison study
  9. Dang_Radiology_2013 Addition of tomosynthesis to conventional digital mammography: effect on image interpretation time of screening examinations
  10. Rose_AJR_2013_Implementation of Breast Tomosynthesis in a Routine Screening Practice: An Observational Study
  11. Beck_ARRS_2013_One-View Versus Two-View Tomosynthesis: A Comparison of Breast Cancer Visibility in the Mediolateral Oblique and Craniocaudal Views
  12. Kalra_RSNA_2012_Cost-Effectiveness of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

3D Mammography™ and 2D Synthesized Images (Tomo + C-View™ Image)

  1. Aujero_Radiology_2017_ Clinical Performance of Synthesized Two-dimensions Mammography Combined with Tomosynthesis in a Large Screening Population  
  2. Zuckerman_Radiology_2016_Implementation of Synthesized Two-dimensional Mammography in a Population-based Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Screening Program  
  3. Zuckerman_RSNA_2015 Impact on Recall Rates Following Implementation of Synthesized 2D Mammography in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Screening  
  4. Skaane_Radiology_2014_Two-view digital breast tomosynthesis screening with synthetically reconstructed projection images: comparison with digital breast tomosynthesis with full-field digital mammographic images  
  5. Zuley_Radiology_2014_Comparison of two-dimensional synthesized mammograms versus original digital mammograms alone and in combination with tomosynthesis images   

Contrast-Enhanced 2D Mammography (CE2M)

  1. Patel_AJR_2017_Potential Cost Savings of Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography
  2. Ali-Mucheru_Anals of Onc_2016_Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography in the Surgical Management of Breast Cancer

Breast Biopsy (Interventional) 

  1. Grimm_WhitePaper_2018_Clinical Benefits of Tomosynthesis Guided Breast Biopsy
  2. Tejerina_WhitePaper_2018_Clinical Experience Implementing the Hologic Affirm Prone Biopsy System


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