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A Message From Our Chairman, President and CEO Stephen P. MacMillan

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Dear Hologic Stakeholders,

Thank you for taking an interest in Hologic’s sustainability progress. As you will see in our 2023 Sustainability Report, we continue to build on our foundational social initiatives with an unwavering commitment to elevate women’s health around the world.

Hologic — above all else — is guided by our purpose, our passion and our promise. Our purpose is to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day. Our passion is to champion women’s health globally. Our promise is The Science of Sure®, is a commitment to provide healthcare professionals with clinically differentiated, high-quality products.

As a company, we strive to exemplify the societal benefits private enterprise can drive with a thoughtful, courageous and unconventional approach to everything we do. Because these words are embedded into the very fiber of our culture, it’s worth taking a moment to explain their importance with a few examples.

Thoughtful. Courageous. Unconventional.

We are thoughtful with the initiatives we have developed and those we support. Each program outlined in this report is intimately connected to our business. For example, with our Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) partnership, we’ve reached 88.5 million people to advocate that they make their health a greater priority through preventive care. Further, through Project Health Equity, we support medically underserved communities to facilitate the delivery of culturally competent care and accessible testing for breast health, fibroids and cervical cancer.

We are courageous in the problems we seek to address. The Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, in partnership with Gallup, gathers data on the state of women’s health worldwide. As an organization rooted in science, we understand that issues must be measured before they can be resolved. We use the country-level data from this Index to inspire policy change and break down barriers that prevent women from receiving the care they need.

We are unconventional in the way we operate. When much of the world shut down during the worst days of the pandemic, our teams worked to ensure millions of COVID tests reached people around the globe. We are proud of how our culture shined and how our teams cleared countless hurdles to scale up production, delivering highly accurate molecular COVID assays to meet the world’s testing needs.

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Hologic's virtuous circle represents our corporate objectives.

2023 Sustainability Report Highlights

Simply put, we focus on the best talent for each role. We believe that by casting a wider net, making a deeper, richer commitment to developing people of all backgrounds, we are creating a true merit-based culture where everyone believes and is given the opportunity to grow. This mindset differentiates us and creates a strong competitive advantage. When done well, this approach creates a broader, more diverse group of leaders, which we continue to cultivate.

Moving to the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, highlighted on pages 19-20: While the scope of the Index grew from 122 to 143 countries this year, accounting for 97% of women worldwide, the findings show that women’s health is just as much at risk as it was three years ago when we conducted the inaugural study. This third year of the Index is being published at a critical time: The world is halfway to the 2030 deadline for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, but progress is far behind where it should be. World leaders must take a bolder stand to protect and preserve the health of women and girls around the world.

Hologic’s title sponsorship with the WTA also continues to be a winning combination for women’s health. As evidenced on page 23, in 2023, Hologic and the WTA partnered to introduce a Women’s Health Taskforce. This important initiative seeks to address a broad range of health issues impacting women by setting a standard to support healthy lifecycles for female athletes and women at large.

In addition, readers will notice on page 35 that we have added detail describing how we intend to meet our environmental targets. Although we still have considerable work ahead to achieve these goals, we have started to put real investment into our strategic planning process to make them a reality. As with everything we do, these goals are thoughtful and measurable. You can count on us to deliver on our commitments.

Finally, on page 56, for the first time, we are publicly disclosing data pertaining to gender pay equity. As a women’s health company, we strongly advocate for equal pay for equal work. We hope that our results, which show no significant pay gap throughout our workforce, are a small step to support this critical issue.

Purpose Driven. Results Driven.

In closing, our virtuous circle illustrates how delivering better patient outcomes with industry-leading technology generates sustainable business growth. We are a company that does well by doing good. We do not have 
to choose between our purpose and our financial results.

We are steadfast on our course to improve women’s health while driving benefits for all our stakeholders.

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Stephen P. MacMillan
Hologic Chairman, President and CEO