Product Ideas

Thank you for interest in Hologic and in our products. While we appreciate your interest in improving our products, we also want to make sure that both your and Hologic's confidential information and/or intellectual property interests are properly protected

To prevent any future confusion over ownership of confidential information and/or other intellectual property, we strongly encourage you to first consult your own legal counsel to adequately protect your interests before disclosing any such information to us. Please be aware that Hologic may currently, or in the future, be developing information or products internally, or receiving information from others, which may be similar to your ideas/concept. Therefore, before disclosing any such information to anyone, please consult your own legal counsel and take steps to adequately protect your own ideas/concepts.

Please also note that any decision to disclose your ideas/concepts to us, and our receipt of such information, does not give rise to any type of business relationship between us. Any information submitted to Hologic must be Non-Confidential in nature because we do not have a Confidentiality Agreement in place. Should we later decide to enter into a business relationship, we would proceed through the appropriate legal contractual channels (i.e., Confidentiality Agreement, Consulting Agreement, etc.). We sincerely appreciate your interest in improving our products and services and hope that this information will better help you to take steps to protect your own legal interests.

Should you wish to contact us regarding your ideas, please direct your inquiries to Remember that all ideas and/or information submitted to Hologic must be NON-CONFIDENTIAL. Please understand that we receive and evaluate many ideas and we may not be able to respond to each inquiry individually.