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Hologic’s Approach to Climate Risk

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Hologic seriously considers climate change’s risk to our operations and future plans. As part of our enterprise risk management (ERM) program, we track and monitor all risks related to sustainability, including potential impacts from climate.

The company’s ERM is presented to the Board annually and as warranted. Further, Hologic’s executive leadership team’s individual performance objectives align with the top risks identified in the annual enterprise risk management process.

Hologic’s business continuity plan (BCP) provides a structure for maintaining our operational continuity during disruptive incidents and outlines climate-related events that require preparation. These events include physical disruption to sites, equipment or supply chains from serious long-term weather-related actions, such as flooding, wind or fire. The BCP also includes preparing for natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes or forest fires. Finally, COVID has highlighted the need for future pandemic readiness, so we also have set up planning and structure to deal with public health crises.