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Lifesaving Technologies on Full Display

Photo of interior conference hall showing medical devices on display.

S. P. MacMillan Innovation Center enables hands-on engagement for healthcare providers.

Around the world, Hologic welcomes visitors to our innovation centers in Marlborough, Massachusetts; Newark, Delaware; Brussels, Belgium; and Sydney, Australia. We’re proud to introduce our newest facility in San Diego, California.

This unique location offers healthcare providers a new way to see first-hand many of Hologic’s life-changing innovations. Situated on the main campus for Hologic’s work in molecular diagnostics, the center showcases our company’s market-leading, award-winning systems in this field.

Technician interacting with computer looking at scans on a monitor in a lab setting.

The demonstration space features groundbreaking devices such as:

Panther Scalable Solutions®

Hologic meets the diagnostics needs of customers at many volume levels, whether it’s a smaller research lab that runs hundreds of samples each day or a hub that handles tens of thousands of test samples daily. Our Panther Plus, Panther Link and Panther Trax offer enhanced flexibility for loading samples in any order at any time, eliminating batch constraints and decreasing turnaround time.1

Panther Fusion®

This add-on to our Panther system gives the power to run real-time PCR, TMA and RT-TMA assays on a single, fully automated platform that supports labor savings, other cost savings and workflow efficiencies.2,3

ThinPrep® and Genius™ Digital Diagnostics

The ThinPrep system of liquid-based cytology includes the ThinPrep Pap test, the only FDA-approved test for both Pap and HPV screening against cervical disease.4 Hologic’s latest advancement against cervical cancer is Genius Digital Diagnostics, the first FDA-cleared and CE-marked digital cytology platform to combine a new artificial intelligence algorithm with advanced volumetric imaging technology to help cytotechnologists and pathologists identify pre-cancerous lesions and cancer cells.5

In the same building that houses the new Innovation Center, healthcare providers can receive hands-on training for specified devices.

The Innovation Center highlights Hologic’s medtech solutions across the continuum of breast health — from our Genius 3D mammography system, to our devices for breast biopsies and specimen radiography, to our resources for breast-conserving surgery.

The center also incorporates an overview display of Hologic’s surgical systems for uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding and vessel sealing.