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Our Employees Are a Competitive Edge

Purpose, passion and promise form the cornerstone of our Hologic philosophy — a fusion that ignites passion, fuels progress and cultivates a sense of shared purpose among our team members. Our employees’ talent and engagement propel us forward, making it possible for people to live healthier lives everywhere, every day.

We are dedicated to supporting each employee’s career growth and development and do so through our employee-led, community-supported approach. By providing a wide range of growth tools and training experiences, we invest in our long-term growth, drive high performance individually and in teams, and innovate for the future.

Hologic Employee Training Statistics


completed Code of Conduct training.


training hours spent by all Hologic employees in fiscal 2023.

Every team member is also required to complete annual Legal, Information Technology and Quality training, along with multiple mandatory training courses about company policies and resources for reporting harassment and other concerns.

Our Kind of People

A tenet of Hologic’s management training is that high-performing teams carry forward basic working principles to ensure success. This includes:

  • Trusting each other to be vulnerable.
  • Challenging others in a healthy way.
  • Committing energy to the greater good of the team.
  • Being accountable and holding others to the same standard.
  • Focusing on collective results.

Over three days in November 2022, an interdepartmental gathering took place with Human Resources, Finance and IT to engage in conversations that built awareness and competency around differences and perceptions. The exchange of ideas brought a deeper understanding of peoples’ differences and explored what that represents in our culture and our ability to communicate as a team in a rapidly changing world.

The pilot program reinforced Hologic’s intentions that employees organically support a culture that values every voice, rewards teamwork, celebrates different points of view and reflects the diversity of the communities the company serves. Each workshop represented a diverse set of participants. Employees demonstrated readiness to speak up and courage in their desire to understand how their perceptions impact others.

Inside the Bar

Amplifying global performance through strategic investments in manager development 

Hologic created the Global Talent and Performance Team (GTPT) to help build world-class leaders across all of the company's more than 1,200 people managers. This team identified four distinct phases of the strategy: 

  • Define what “good” looks like. 
  • Make information easy to access. 
  • Create conditions that facilitate the change we want. 
  • Elevate the management team’s effectiveness at multiple touchpoints. 

The Future Looks Bright 

The GTPT team has developed and published the global leadership expectations, along with a suite of core materials aimed at the “big five development opportunities.” After hosting this material on their bespoke content platform called the Bar, they went on to develop a comprehensive live training offering based around this work known as “Raising the Bar Live.” So far, Raising the Bar Live has been delivered in Europe and the U.S. to more than 100 leaders. Hologic will continue this investment throughout 2024.

Emotional Health and Wellness

  • Hologic supports the mental and emotional health of our workforce. In addition to robust health insurance plans, we provide a wide-ranging program that’s focused on mental and emotional well-being: Lyra Health,* a benefit with a diverse spectrum of in-person, virtual, digital, group and individualized care. 
  • Hologic’s Healthy Living wellness program partners with Virgin Pulse,* a well-being platform, as well as other wellness providers to offer the tools, motivational tips, rewards and support to keep employees and their families moving on their journey to wellness.

Some of our benefits for US employees are described below:

    • Birth and non-birth parents may receive up to 16 weeks (or more where required by state law) of job-protected parental leave for the care of a newborn or a newly adopted child. Birth and non-birth parents are eligible for 8 weeks of parental pay at 100%. For birth parents, this is in addition to receiving short-term disability for weeks 2 through 8 at 100%. 
    • We know that returning to work after a long absence with a newborn is difficult. That’s why we’ve created a unique policy called Parental Flexible Return to Work, which allows new parents who have been out on parental leave for 8+ weeks to return to work part-time (at full-time pay) for their first 4 weeks back.
    • Allows employees to be paid while on an otherwise unpaid FMLA or State Family Leave at 100% of their salary to care for a family member with a serious health condition. This allows NICU parents to have additional time off when used in conjunction with their parental leave or employees to care for their parents who may be in hospice care. 
    • Hologic takes the stress out of finding care for its employees’ children, pets and elders with extensive caregiving resources offered by* and Lyra’s Work Life Solutions.* 
    • Traveling breastfeeding moms can find lactation support services with MilkStork’s* no-cost home delivery service, lactation consultations and nutrient testing. 
    • Hologic expanded healthcare coverage to pay for health-related travel — including out-of-town trips for family planning services not provided locally.
    • Employees and their family members are given customized and complimentary opportunities to attend various financial workshops, both virtually and in person, as well as group or 1-on-1. These workshops focus on topics such as college planning, retirement, debt management, taxes, planning tools and more. 
    • Hologic is proud to offer two higher learning financial assistance programs: employee tuition reimbursement and college and vocational scholarships to employees' children and grandchildren. 
    • Investment in leadership development for employees at all levels in their careers.

    U.S. Employee Statistics


    volunteer hours taken by employees in fiscal 2023 (as of August 3, 2023)


    average number of business days new mothers take for family leave


    average number of business days new fathers take for family leave


    number of days for parents to take family leave


    of employees with children are eligible to use Hologic’s subsidized childcare expense benefit


    Hologic’s share of healthcare premiums for every qualified employee

      * Benefits available for Hologic’s US employees. Benefits for Hologic employees outside the United States vary by country.