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Our People Personify Our Purpose, Passion and Promise

Across the world, Hologic’s employees live out a core truth: Their exceptional engagement powers our company’s thoughtful, unconventional and courageous approach to developing innovations that benefit humanity. This soaring engagement has earned recognition from prestigious, well-respected organizations.

The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award

In 2023, Hologic received Gallup’s top employee engagement honor — the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award — for the third consecutive year. 

The achievement reflects Hologic’s remarkable progress in building employee engagement as measured by the annual Gallup Q12 Survey. When our company first participated in the survey in 2015, we ranked in the 36th percentile of similarly sized organizations. In 2023, our ranking rose to the 97th percentile — a record high for us. Hologic’s percentage of engaged employees increased to 74% — another record high for us. 

“I still remember the first year we did this… a number of employees said, ‘Yeah, I bet they won’t do that survey again.’ But in fact, we committed to it. We keep learning and learning, and getting better and better,” said Hologic Chairman, President and CEO Stephen P. MacMillan.

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Great Place to Work

Another leading measurement of employee engagement comes from the Great Place to Work (GPTW) organization. Hologic first earned GPTW certification in 2022 for our staff in Australia and New Zealand, then in 2023 for our U.S. teams

Through its Trust Index survey, GPTW found that 90% of Hologic’s U.S. employees said our company is a great place to work, compared with 57% for a typical company in the same country. Hologic performed exceptionally well on the survey in other categories of U.S. employee engagement.