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Prioritize Your Health by Getting Regular Screenings

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At 20 years old, Kelee Ringo already had an impressive resume. The American football cornerback was a two-time collegiate national champion with the University of Georgia and selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2023 National Football League Draft.

He owes much of his success to the unwavering support of his mother, Tralee Hale. She is a champion in her own right: Hale is a breast cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with triple-negative ductal carcinoma in June 2020, Hale was declared cancer-free in March 2022.

Quote from Kelee Ringo

“As I launch my NFL career, I recognize and appreciate that I have a real opportunity to use my platform to truly make a difference. I’m excited to partner with Hologic on this important campaign.”
Kelee Ringo

Hologic announced a partnership with Ringo and Hale in May 2023 that helps educate women on the importance of prioritizing annual mammograms and health screenings. Hale is a single mother, and while she was focused on supporting Ringo, her own career and other commitments, her annual health screenings took a back seat to her other priorities. She was diagnosed with breast cancer just days after Ringo began his freshman year of college. Ringo and Hale know how lucky they are following Hale’s battle with cancer and want to use their platform to encourage women not to delay care.

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Quote from Erik Anderson, President, Breast & Skeletal Health Solutions

“Kelee and Tralee’s story resonates with all of us because we have heard from women — time and again — who have prioritized their families and other responsibilities while putting their own critical health screenings on the back burner. Hearing how much they mean to one another and how this experience impacted them was incredibly moving. We couldn’t be more grateful that they are sharing their personal story to reach women about the critical importance of annual breast cancer screenings and making their health a priority.”
Erik Anderson, President, Breast & Skeletal Health Solutions